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• ♥ ( Once upon a time ) ♥ •

This journal is friends only. Comment to be added. :)

• ♥ ( Once upon a time ) ♥ •

This journal is friends only. Comment to be added. :)
  • Mmm... Clay... <3 lol. ;D
    • Re:

      i knoww. clayy *drools*
      • Oh! P.S. He'll be on "Live with Regis & Kelly" on Monday, I'm guessing at 10 e, but I'm not quite sure. (It's 9c for us here in Minnesota.)

        Let the screaming begin. <33
        • Re:

          yay! *drools* I'll have to set my vcr since I wont be here, my mom better not mess it up.
          • Yes, let's hope not! :(

            I can't wait for it to be on! Mondays are definitly the best day for me now. :P
            • ew, I still hate mondays. lol I only like fridays, saturdays, and sunday mornings.

              • LOL, don't get me started in that! I've liked Fridays, Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Wednesdays many different times, but there's nothing really to do then, so now I just like Mondays and Saturdays, because they have the best TV Shows on. (I don't have a life outside of my home, basically.) =P
  • Pretty!
  • heyy, you seem cool. Add me?
  • hi!!!!!!!!!!!1111

    did you make the clay_aiken community journal layout? if you did...its so amazing....how did you do it? and would you like to help me make my livejournal look beautiful?????
    • Re: hi!!!!!!!!!!!1111

      No i didn't make the layout for clay_aiken
  • You never update...well, I'll be on my way over to fix your computer sometime...be ready! ;)

  • hey i found ur journal on random. I LOVE Clay Aiken!! Can I be your friend? <33 lizzie
  • argh

    Add me... I (was) a friend of anjanettes, but she's ignoring me now, I went away for a while, but she said she'd still be there, talk to me...
    • Re: argh

      how come you want to talk to me? i doubt anjanette is ignoring you, but how come since she is "ignoring" you, you want to speak to me?
  • Wai!

    Can I put you on my friends list?
    You're cool! You're a Christian and you like Sailor Moon! That makes me so happy! ^________________^
  • hey:) you seem cool..and i like your journal...add me?:)
  • Hey! I added you to my friends list! hope you will add me to yours!
  • Hi,
    You maintain a Clay Aiken community so I thought you might be interested in idol_directory. It's a place to pimp your community and keep new idol community announcement spam out of your own community.
  • Hello, Ashley! My name is Krillin.
  • A girl from the peg who likes postsecret? Add me, yes? ^_^
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