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nurv's Journal

• ♥ ( Once upon a time ) ♥ •
[[ girl ]] 23. christian/jewish. sarcastic. funny. lazy. hyper. hazel eyes. short. friendly. honest. innocent. childlike.

[[ music ]] - aly & aj. anthony fedorov. ashlee simpson. ashley parker angel. avalon. ayumi hamasaki. barlow girl. carrie underwood. cascada. clay aiken. diana degarmo. evanesence. john stevens iv. jennifer love hewitt. jesse mccartney. jojo. kelly clarkson. lifehouse. mandy moore. meg & dia. miz. nightwish. plus one. ryan cabrera. shakira. stacie orrico. superchic[k]. switchfoot. silverchair. t.A.t.U. the veronicas. tegan & sara. utada hikaru. zoegirl. i also like soundtracks and broadway music.

[[ movies ]] - all dogs go to heaven. a walk to remember. a little princess. aladdin. alice in wonderland. annie. a goofy movie. bambi. bridge to terabitha. bruce almighty. beauty and the beast. charlotte's web. cinderella. dumbo. dumb & dumber. ever after. ella enchanted. enchanted. finding nemo. ferngully. garfield. hitch. harry potter (all 5). hairspray. happy feet. ice age. ice age 2: the meltdown. kung-fu hustle. lady and the tramp. monsters inc. mulan. nim's island. open season. peter pan (disney, and 2003). pinocchio. pocahontas. return to oz. romeo & juliet. samantha: an american girl holiday. shrek 1 and 2. sleeping beauty. spider man. star wars episode 1, 2, 3. snow white and the seven dwarfs. stand by me. stardust. sweeney todd. titanic. the phantom of the opera. the lion king. the little mermaid.the neverending story. the hunchback of notre dame. the nightmare before christmas. the outsiders. the swan princess. the last unicorn. the land before time. the aristocats. the great mouse detective. the rescuers. the rescuers down under. the chronicles of narnia. the sisterhood of the traveling pants. uptown girls. tuck everlasting. tumbelina. v for vendetta. wizard of oz.

[[ tv shows ]] - (live action) ghost whisperer. will & grace. cold case. joan of arcadia (RIP). supernatural. desperate housewives. becker. that '70s show. touched by an angel. frasier. xplay [any show on techtv]. i dream of jeannie. everyone loves raymond. bewitched. house. happy days. (soaps) young & the restless. (reality) america's next top model. big brother. the amazing race. american/canadian idol. survivor. (cartoons) futurama. king of the hill. the simpsons. jem and the holograms. american dad. family guy. care bears. gummi bears. darkwing duck. strawberry shortcake. rainbow brite. my little pony. beavis and butt-head.

[[ anime ]] - tokyo mew mew. sailor moon. d.n. angel. pita ten. beating angel dokuro-chan. kanon. jungle wa itsumo hare nochi guu. bottle fairy. chobits. di gi charat. full moon wo sagashite. nana. happy lesson. kaleido star.

[[ other loves ]] - church. children. anime. reading. harry potter. colouring. animals. pop music. disney/animated movies. traveling. volunteering. movies. archie comic books (veronica ftw). board games.

[[ ships ]] - harry/ginny. ron/hermione. harry/luna. hermione/draco. ron/luna. neville/luna. tonks/remus. cedric/cho. peter/wendy (peter pan 2003). peter/tinker bell (disney). archie/veronica. daisuke/riku (dn angel). joan/adam (joan of arcadia). christina/erik (poto). usagi/mamoru (sailor moon). jackie/hyde (that '70s show). jessie/winnie (tuck everlasting).

[[ websites ]] - livejournal. greatestjournal. neopets. wizardties. danradcliffe. mugglenet. the leaky cauldron.

nurv = Never Underestimate Radical Vision.

( wear )

God is Love.

Disney is Love

D.N.Angel is Love

Daisuke is cute Love

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Dislikes:30: animal cruelty, arrogance, being broke, being sick, bullies, cheaters, cigarettes, dishonesty, drugs, drunk people who drive, harry/hermione, headaches, humidity, hypocrisy, hypocrites, ignorance, liars, math, mean people, needles, netspeak, onions, racism, rap, rudeness, smoking, spam, spiders, waking up early, war